STEM System - Virtual Camera Demo

Proof of concept demo of tech that can turn your handheld device into a camera for virtual spaces with accurate motion detection - video embedded below:

We created this demo of virtual camera functionality using our STEM System prototype wireless motion tracker with an iPod Touch as the display. When we add Android and iOS support for the Sixense SDK, applications like the virtual camera will be able to run natively on mobile devices, with motion tracking provided by the STEM System.

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This looks fantastic, wish I something like this was available for every game, maybe soon it will be. I’ve always wanted more tools that make virtual photography more hands on and open the field up to more people.

leopardsang asked: I miss your stuff, mate...

Seeing your stuff makes me miss doing it, I’ve been telling myself that it would get in the way of my graphic design coursework, but I’m still finding the time to play the games!
I’ll be back soon, in the meantime, this one’s for you (from Sleeping Dogs).

Some more GTA IV photos, sticking with the black and white look, although not real film this time.

I can totally imagine Nico Bellic as a street photographer, armed with a vintage Soviet camera.

I thought I’d start sharing with you the work of some of my favourite virtual photographers, beginning with my good friend Joshua Taylor.

Dealing with virtual environments as well as their inhabitants, his work not only captures the narrative of games but also creates it’s own, showing glimpses of stories running parallel to the central plot. He also experiments in creating abstract images from surfaces, demonstrating a keen eye for pattern and texture.

Me and Josh got talking shortly after I started this blog, and we’ve formed a friendship based on the mutual admiration and respect of each other’s work, photography and of course, videogames. He’s always producing and sharing loads of great new work on a daily basis.

JTGP Tumblr | JTGP Flickr

For me, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has some of the best art direction of any game I’ve played, it has a bold, distinct style, unified across it’s interiors, clothing, architecture, guns and more. It all paints a picture, a pretty awesome picture too.

Red Dead Redemption again, there’s a lot of potential for photography in Rockstar’s western. As sparse as it’s landscape is, it’s rich in atmosphere and intrigue.

My final piece for the final art project of my current course. A collection of 190 of my virtual photographs, printed and cut to resemble Polaroids.

There’s a bunch of shots I haven’t blogged yet, they’ll be making an appearance over the next couple of weeks and, of course, I’m going to keep on taking and sharing photos.

More Mirror’s Edge, feeling kind of blue.

I believe every game that has a strong visual style or otherwise lends itself well to photographic exploration should encourage this with a built-in photo mode. Sure, it would lead to a flood of photographs of varying quality but photography should be available for everyone.

That’s something that I’m trying to promote with this blog, that anyone can do this, it’s not easy to take good photos (I’m sure I’ve posted some questionable ones), but it’s fun to try.

As far as Orwellian dystopias go, Mirror’s Edge’s is pretty cool.

Perhaps we’ll see a sequel reveal at E3 next month. A man can dream.