Had a couple of folks request some more Jet Set Radio Future photos, specifically the night-time areas, I was more than happy to oblige.

From futuristic Japan to the Old West, and Red Dead Redemption’s beautiful scenery, largely untapped by virtual photographers due to it’s unchangeable third-person perspective and unavailability on PC.

Of course, it all proved too tempting for me, the shots were tricky to take but I think I got some good results.

Unfortunately, my life’s getting pretty busy at the moment so posts are going to be a tad sparse until things get less critical.

Jet Set Radio Future, it’s one of my favourite games and it’s just turned 10, so I thought I’d take a few photos in futuristic Tokyo.

Obviously, JSRF’s graphics aren’t going to measure up to Skyrim’s, but that’s not what’s important, not to me anyway, it’s about showing off a world that I think is beautifully designed and remains fresh and interesting 10 years on.

More photos can be found on the Virtual Geographic Flickr site.

And that just about concludes my tour of Skyrim, I might take a few more shots to round off the whole thing but that’s pretty much it for the moment.

I’ll be posting photos from other games now, I will return to Skyrim at some point but if you’ve liked this series you can find some Skyrim photos that didn’t get posted on the Virtual Geographic Flickr site.

I don’t know if my photographic eye is getting better or if Eastmarch has exceptional scenery, but I’ve taken some of my favourite photos so far here, I think it might a bit of both.

Some more symmetrical photos from Eastmarch.

Journeying from Windhelm down through Eastmarch, not long left now.

I thought I’d play with some symmetry.

I took a detour from the coast to venture into Winterhold’s glaciers, then through the mountain to approach the town and college from the south-east, Eastmarch next.

I enjoyed taking these shots, I decided to change from taking colour photos and making them black and white in Photoshop to turning the colour down on the T.V and setting my camera to black and white, it’s very cool and interesting playing like that.